About Us

Empowering a Billion Women

Welcome to the ESG Prime Network

We provide data-driven access to a world-class network of Founders and CEOs, that provides flexible, innovative solutions for leading companies in STEAM verticals.

Ranked by Fast Company as “The #1 Superconnector in the World,” our network is driven by our passion, purpose and profit-focused founder, Ingrid Vanderveldt (“IV”), who leverages her expertise, access and proven track record to deliver at scale for global enterprises. We operate in multiple industries with the common denominator being a focus on innovation, KPI’s and delivering results. EBW leverages the trust we have built with women globally to create solutions that benefit comms and ESG goals to drive the desired results.

91% of women do not trust. When they DO, 79% would try that product or service. Presuming its good, 80% will be loyal to the brand, which is then amplified with 92% of those women passing it on. The timeframe to build trust on your own? 5 years.

EBW delivers “innovation, trust and results in a box” for measurable short and sustainable ESG, impact and profit goal success.

Our leaders and their teams operate for short (30 days) and longer-term engagements (12 months) and/or procurement contracts.

Our promise is our guarantee. So why not revolutionize your numbers by tapping into the power of women?! Give us a try!

What We Do

Connecting STEAM Brands to World-Class Innovators

We partner with STEAM brands & investors who have ESG, impact and profit goals, to connect them with curated, world-class innovators in STEAM, in order to help them achieve their most pressing projects, procurement, innovation and investment goals.

How We Work

  • Step 1 — Talk with us about your project.
  • Step 2 — We get to work.
  • Step 3 — 72 hours later meet your team and once you approve- you are off and running to “making the impossible, possible!” (with EBW making sure all the KPI’s and your goals are met. Guaranteed.)

How We Uniquely Deliver Value and “Do What We Do”

Our proprietary engagement system for success was invented here.

Less than .003% of companies ever reach EBW’s business and financial success. Our Founder is ranked #1 “Superconnector” in the world. Her tenure as Dell Technologies’ 1st Entrepreneur-in Residence (EIR) is the model many EIR programs are based on today. 

Our motto is “We are likely one phone call away from anyone in the world.  If we don’t know them directly, we expect we will know someone who does.”

This access is not taken lightly and has been leveraged to create some of the most impactful and profitable solutions for the public and private enterprises we work with and the women leaders they seek to engage and do business with.  This is why our Founder has become one of the most sought-after speakers, connectors and innovators in the world today.  Demand of her expertise, access and system for delivering success is at the core of why we developed this system to bring this value and approach to companies committed to leading from the front. 

We bring this mindset, access to unknown or hard-to-find solutions, as well as our value-and-profit driven approach to you and in everything we do.  We have been called innovators, solutionists and even “fixers”– i.e., we are the ones that get called when other solutions can’t or don’t work.  At the end of the day, we get the job done.

WE know that when YOU win, we ALL win. So, let’s win together!

Brands We Come From & Serve

Case Studies

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